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Matrix Comsec is a trusted global provider of cutting-edge Security and Telecom Solutions for the Defense sector.

Our Video Surveillance Solution ensures centralized monitoring and control across multiple defense facilities and locations, effectively safeguarding critical assets. The system seamlessly integrates with peripherals to create a comprehensive security ecosystem, ensuring enhanced protection. In addition, our advanced biometric solutions cater to access control with advanced access features, attendance management, multi-site connectivity, centralized reporting, leave and holiday management, employee self-service, and integration with payroll systems. These solutions offer robust security measures and efficient management of personnel across defense establishments. In the fast-paced and high-stakes defense industry, reliable and secure communication is paramount. Matrix offers unified messaging and mobility solutions that provide anytime connectivity, enabling enhanced productivity and seamless communication among defense personnel.

With Matrix Security and Telecom Solutions, the Defense sector can fortify premises, strengthen security measures, and ensure reliable communication channels to support the critical operations and mission success of defense organizations.

What Matrix Offers


Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Defense
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Defense
  • Matrix PTZ IR cameras provide 360° surveillance, patrolling, and excellent zoom capabilities to detect distant dangers
  • Matrix IP cameras are weather-proof, offering high-quality images in -30℃ to 60℃ temperatures and enduring moisture from 5 to 95%RH.
  • Intelligent Video Analytics detect unauthorized entry, identify suspicious activities, protect assets, and provide real-time alerts and notifications 
  • Tripwire, intrusion, and motion detection secure sensitive areas, while audio exception detection identifies abnormal sounds for enhanced security
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Defense
  • Cluster up to 20 NVRs to monitor 1000+ multi-location cameras, ensuring the safety of tents and bunkers
  • VMS integrates cameras and other security devices for a comprehensive security solution in a Common Platform
  • Integration with Matrix Access Control,  fire alarm systems,  alarms, and sensors for enhanced security
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Defense
  • User-defined roles and rights allow only authorized personnel to access sensitive footage, protecting confidentiality 
  • The system provides evidence lock, bookmark Search, and clip export functions to capture and store sensitive proofs 
  • Quick playback and easy search capabilities  enhance incident analysis, threat detection, and timely response in security operations
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Defense
  • Secure military operations with compliant data secure cameras, protecting classified information and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Matrix Comsec is a pioneering CCTV manufacturer to achieve cyber security certification as per OWASP ASVS 4.0 L2 by STQC, Delhi
  • Secure protocols and encryption techniques to transmit video data, safeguarding against or tampering during video transmission
  • Redundant storage and recording prevent data loss during network or storage failures, ensuring reliability
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Defense
  • Cameras store recordings locally when disconnected, with up to one week of video stored in a 512GB SD card
  • Adaptive recording reduces frame rate when inactive, cutting storage and bandwidth usage by up to 50% for optimized performance
  • Smart streaming divides streams into multiple bitrates, optimizing storage and bandwidth while preserving crucial details


Matrix Access Control _ Time-Attendance Solutions for Defense
Matrix Access Control _ Time-Attendance Solutions for Defense
  • Securing zones to prevent unauthorized entries
  • Constant monitoring of personnel activity in restricted areas against clearance levels
  • Restrictions in areas such as weapons room, and classified areas to prevent unauthorized access
Matrix Access Control _ Time-Attendance Solutions for Defense
  • Real-time notification on unusual activity
  • Tamper detection enabled devices for instant notification against any vandalism acts
  • Constant alert state with guard tour feature, enabling constant patrolling
Matrix Access Control _ Time-Attendance Solutions for Defense
  • Centralized point to manage all devices and users
  • Seamless hardware and software integration for better optimization and comprehensive security
  • Adaptable to remote locations with power issues and connectivity issues
Matrix Access Control _ Time-Attendance Solutions for Defense
  • Secure floor movements with Elevator Access Control
  • Data protection measures with Data Centre Access Control
  • Integration with multiple sensors to mitigate any untoward incidents


Matrix Telecom Solutions for Defense
Matrix Telecom Solutions for Defense
  • Connect different field camps – through VOIP and PRI network
  • Minimum downtime ensure additional power supply for emergency Communication
  • Redundancy makes sure backup CPU to stay connected during primary system failure
  • Seamless network coverage
Matrix Telecom Solutions for Defense
  • Unified network support – CO, PRI, VOIP, and GSM trunks
  • Anywhere, Anytime connectivity through mobile and PC apps as office extension
  • Wireless solution connecting control room to guard room
  • Magneto phones for confidential communications
  • TLS/SRTP – Security layer protocols


Matrix Telecom Solutions for Defense
  • Operator’s delight with 1,000 + call management features – Call Forward, Call Parking, Call Hold, and Much More
  • Meetings and discussions – Call Conference with Dial-in and Drag and Drop Transfer
  • Easy Management of System – Web-based GUI for Remote Support and Configuration
  • Complaint Booking with Ease – Third-party Integration with IVRs
  • TR069 helps in Auto Configuration
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