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Matrix Comsec is trusted worldwide for providing cutting-edge Security and Telecom Solutions for Call Centers.

The rapidly growing telecommunication technology is bringing opportunities for Call Centers, contact, and IT centers for enhancing productivity and reducing operating costs. Maintaining timely customer responsiveness along with efficient use of capabilities is a challenge for Call Center businesses. A reliable communication system is a prerequisite for enabling businesses to offer prompt and correct responses and enhance customer experience. Video surveillance in Call Centers plays a pivotal role in enhancing security, training, and service quality. It monitors employee interactions, safeguards sensitive data, and aids in resolving disputes. This visual oversight ensures compliance, improves performance, and fosters a safer environment for both staff and customers.

With Matrix Security and Telecom Solutions, Call Centers can secure premises and ensure seamless communication.

What Matrix Offers


  • Cluster up to 20 NVRs to monitor 1000+ cameras connected to the NVR loop from a central location 
  • VMS integrates cameras and security devices for a comprehensive security solution in a common platform
  • User-based roles and rights to match the hierarchy of the organization and give access as per the user profile
  • Monitor reception, locker rooms, workstations, parking lots, and cafeteria from a central location for better incident control
  • Ensures a hassle-free parking experience for employees with real-time slot availability data
  • Instant alerts prevent unauthorized and haphazard parking, ensuring discipline and optimial space utilization 
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) accurately tracks vehicles entering and leaving the premises enhancing overall security measures
  • Playback with single-click control options and Intelligent Video Analytic features for efficient investigation
  • The system provides evidence lock, bookmark search, and clip export functions to capture and store crucial proofs easily
  • Secure handling and storage of evidence in live View and playback, enabling robust post-event analysis
  • Beneficial for training and quality control purposes
  • Matrix IP cameras feature Sony STARVIS CMOS image sensors for superior image quality in diverse lighting conditions
  • Configure advanced features like intrusion detection, tripwire, motion detection to detect and safeguard sensitive areas like server rooms
  • Cognitive Response Engine with Automated Response: CREAM enables proactive event handling, customizable scenarios, and fully automated operations
  • Vandal-proof cameras for enhanced security, designed to withstand tampering and ensure system integrity
  • Network security with robust measures, protecting against hacking and safeguarding video surveillance data
  • Matrix systems detect and notify faults in cameras, NVR, storage, networks, and power, ensuring continuous monitoring and maintenance


  • Gain real-time insights through a transparent attendance dashboard, informative reports, and visual alerts.
  • Efficiently allocate shifts for 24/7 operations, ensuring the right team is available at the right time, and preventing under/overstaffing for call volume management.
  • Streamline leave management with efficient planning and approvals, track employee availability, and monitor absenteeism trends for implementing corrective measures.
  • Automate overtime calculations for accurate pay, streamline advance application and approvals adhering to labor laws, and authorize overtime to prevent unauthorized extra hours and overpayments.
  • Ensure timely salary processing, efficient extra work hours calculation, and clear automated overtime pay policy.
  • Systematically plan week-offs and holidays, ensuring employee work-life balance
  • Achieve comprehensive workforce management with ESS portal for personalized attendance, standardized processes, and simplified onboarding.
  • Enable contactless attendance with face recognition, quick touchless marking, and enhanced workplace hygiene and safety.
  • Achieve seamless payroll integration with scheduled data transfer, timely payments, and reduced administrative workload.
  • Centralize attendance management across Call Center sites, ensuring robust control, preventive security, and efficient data monitoring.
  • Establish authorization hierarchy for efficient approvals, multiple policies based on industry structure, and automated streamlined authorization.
  • Customize attendance management with configurable policies, quick time sheet glances, and automated error-free processing.
  • Implement granular attendance policies with flexible work hours, accurate net workhours calculations, and customizable overtime and leave rules.


  • Universal network connectivity with VOIP, GSM/3G, ISDN, and POTS support, enables seamless communication across various networks from a single platform
  • Seamless integration with existing telephony infrastructure, ensures compatibility, smooth migration, and cost-effective deployment
  • Any-to-any network call routing allows for flexible and efficient call routing between different networks and devices, ensuring seamless connectivity
  • The system’s 100% non-blocking architecture ensures optimal performance and unrestricted communication, eliminating any potential bottlenecks or congestion
  • Efficient least-cost routing analyzes call rates and selects the most cost-effective route, minimizing telephony expenses while maintaining quality
  • The solution supports industry-standard network protocols and signaling, ensuring seamless interoperability and compatibility with various telecommunication systems
  • Auditing and monitoring of call response times, enables performance evaluation and quality assurance
  • Access multiple numbers from the same device, allowing users to manage multiple phone lines efficiently
  • Switch to the latest communication technology, ensuring the organizations stay up-to-date with advancements for enhanced connectivity
  • Continuous communication process ensures uninterrupted connectivity, enabling seamless information flow and efficient collaboration in various business operations
  • Handheld terminals provide access to call management features, allowing users to manage calls and communication on the go
  • 24×7 call connectivity, ensures round-the-clock availability and uninterrupted communication for seamless operations
  • Lost call ratio can be reduced by optimizing call routing and improving call handling processes
  • Elevate the customer communication experience by providing seamless connectivity, personalized interactions, and efficient resolution of inquiries
  • Minimum maintenance, ensures hassle-free operation and reduces the need for frequent technical interventions
  • Boosts team efficiency by facilitating streamlined communication, improved collaboration, and optimized workflows, enhancing overall productivity
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