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Matrix Comsec is trusted worldwide for providing cutting-edge Security and Telecom Solutions for the Power Industry.

Matrix video surveillance solution ensures centralized monitoring and control across power plants and multi-location substations Seamless integration with peripheral devices enhance the safety of workers and critical equipment. Additionally, biometric solutions cater to access control, attendance management, multi-site connectivity, centralized reporting, leave and holiday management, employee self-service, and payroll integration. Matrix Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) EPAX integrates with the existing power line infrastructure and uses the same network for communication across various sites. Matrix Power Line Communication Device is an advanced technology switch supporting all types of networks present in modern power grids. The system architecture with optional redundancy and hot-swap capabilities offers higher reliability and ease of maintenance with minimum downtime.

With Matrix Security and Telecom Solutions, Power utilities can secure premises and ensure seamless communication.

What Matrix Offers


IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Power
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Power
  • Efficiently monitor power plant perimeter premises including entry/exit points, fences, control rooms, substations, switchyards 
  • Ensure high-quality video footage even in challenging outdoor conditions with NEMA certified Matrix IP cameras 
  • Matrix PTZ Cameras offer 360°coverage, and zoom capabilities for meticulous scrutiny when required
  • Seamless integration with access control systems, intrusion detetction systems, fire alarms and sensors enhance safety of the premises 
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Power
  • Supervise and monitor multi-location substations effortlessly by clustering 20 NVRs and 1000+ cameras.
  • Safeguard critical equipments like generators, turbines, pipes, valves, etc; detect malfunctions, anomalies, and tampering to prevent serious incidents.
  • Mitigate risks from insider actions, averting unauthorized access, data breaches, and equipment damage through vigilant security measures.
  • Enable remote oversight of power plant and substation areas, ensuring comprehensive control and timely response.
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Power
  • Matrix Comsec is a pioneering CCTV manufacturer to achieve cyber security certification as per OWASP ASVS 4.0 L2 by STQC, Delhi
  • Matrix IP cameras and NVRs fully meet EHV switchyard standards, proving resilient against EMF exposure 
  • Ensure secure video streaming to VMS and NVR, bolstering your network’s resilience against diverse cyber risks
  • Matrix IP Cameras boast a certified MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 1 lakh hours, ensuring uninterrupted operation
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Power
  • Playback with single-click control options and Intelligent Video Analytic features for efficient investigation.
  • System provides evidence lock, bookmark search, and clip export functions to capture and store crucial proofs easily.
  • Secure handling and storage of evidence in live view and playback, enabling robust post-event analysis.
  • Streamline evidence sharing with law enforcement or stakeholders, aiding investigations and reducing response time.
IP Video Surveillance Solutions For Power
  • Enhance safety through vigilant employee behavior monitoring, safeguarding power plants from potential hazards effectively.
  • Prevent accidents and immediately identify non-compliance with safety protocols amongst employees.
  • Issue warnings and announcements in case of security breaches with two-way audio communication
  • Video pop-ups, alarm notifications, and real-time E-mail and SMS alerts ensure swift incident awareness and response.


Access Control and Time Attendance Solutions For Power
Access Control and Time Attendance Solutions For Power
  • Ensures that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas, preventing potential security breaches.
  • Implement access control measures to reduce the risk of theft, sabotage, and unauthorized entry, enhancing overall security.
  • Monitor in real-time to enable quick detection and response to potential security threats or breaches.
  • Ensures power industries meet regulatory standards and safety protocols, ensuring the safety of personnel and assets.
Access Control and Time Attendance Solutions For Power
  • Simplify management of a large workforce by automating access permissions and monitoring attendance
  • Enable efficient management of access permissions based on shift schedules ensuring smooth transitions and reduced administrative burdens.
  • Seamless integration with surveillance cameras, alarms, and physical barriers enhancing overall operational efficiency and security.
Access Control and Time Attendance Solutions For Power
  • Record and maintain comprehensive audit trails of access events, enabling retrospective analysis, investigations, and compliance audits.
  • Manage customized reports for compliance purposes, including zone-wise access, employee access, emergency evacuation reports, and more.
  • Integrate with HR systems allowing for automatic updating of access permissions based on employee status, ensuring compliance with changing roles and employment status.


TELECOM Solutions For Power
TELECOM Solutions For Power
  • Minimum downtime of the system enables continuous connectivity and uninterrupted operations, ensuring seamless communication.
  • Empower the grid with reliable and secured connectivity, enhancing the efficiency and security of energy management.
  • Battery backup/redundancy systems ensure uninterrupted operation and protection against power fluctuations, enhancing reliability and stability in critical environments.
  • Existing E&M infrastructure can be leveraged to save telephony costs, optimizing resources and reducing the need for additional investments.
TELECOM Solutions For Power
  • A radio network enables seamless connectivity between the control room and security personnel, ensuring effective communication and coordination.
  • Hotline connectivity ensures faster communication during emergencies, enabling immediate response and timely assistance in critical situations.
  • The system easily integrates with existing Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) infrastructure, maximizing compatibility and simplifying deployment.
  • Seamless integration of multiple locations enables efficient communication and coordination across distributed sites, optimizing operational effectiveness.
  • The system offers flexible scalability, allowing it to adapt and meet changing requirements efficiently, ensuring future-proof solutions.
TELECOM Solutions For Power
  • Quick connectivity to inter-departments facilitates efficient meetings and discussions.
  • Coordinating with inter-departments enhances inventory management, ensuring accurate tracking, efficient supply chain operations, and optimized stock levels.
  • In-skin radio connectivity through walkie-talkies enables reliable and instant communication, enhancing coordination in various operational environments.
  • Emergency broadcast through the PA system and fire alarm system ensures timely and effective communication during critical situations, enhancing safety protocols.
  • The system provides flexibility with a wider input range for power supplies, accommodating various voltage levels and ensuring stable operations.
TELECOM Solutions For Power
  • Quick connectivity to distributors and salesforce on mobile extensions allows swift resolution of payment issues, ensuring smooth business operations.
  • Direct station selection keys enable faster operations by providing shortcut connectivity, allowing quick and efficient communication between extensions.
  • SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) helps generate online and offline reports, providing insights into call expenses for better cost management and analysis.
  • Call conference with marketing and management facilitates discussions on pricing structures and reforms, ensuring informed decision-making and strategic adjustments.
  • Mobile and PC apps serve as office extensions, enabling day-to-day communications and seamless connectivity for enhanced productivity.
  • Advanced call capabilities encompass video calling, instant messaging, and conversation recording, enhancing communication options and information management in real-time.
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