Attendance on Move
Employees, due to numerous reasons, may miss punching their attendance which leads them to apply for attendance corrections. Field employees go to the office for merely punching and marking their attendance, which is quite a cumbersome task for them. Many a times, users face a problem when their credentials are not identified and their attendance is not marked. In large scale enterprises, employees often have to stand in a long queue for punching and marking their attendance. COSEC APTA has come up with a feature to combat these alarming issues. On activating this feature, attendance marking becomes easier for employees. Their attendance gets automatically marked as soon as they enter/exit the office promises or the respective location in field without actually punching on the device. Their attendance is marked by the application upon receiving GPS/Wi-Fi signals from the user’s mobile device.
Increase Security and Productivity using No Motion Detection and Trip Wire with Matrix Video Surveillance
No Motion Detection   Trip Wire
Matrix SATATYA SAMAS allows monitoring absence of motion in crucial areas. Notifications can be sent as soon as absence of movement is captured by the analytics. This ensures that work is carried out continuously, in turn improving productivity of the organization. It also helps in improving security by ensuring all critical processes are always manned by the respective executives. Discussed below is one such industry where this feature can be a game changer for an organization:   Trip wire is used to enhance security by providing notifications on any motion occurring in dangerous areas of the organization. It also helps protect valuable material of the organization by giving an early heads up if an unauthorized entry is detected. Discussed below is one such industry where this feature can be a game changer for an organization:
Continuous operation of the manufacturing line with maximum efficiency is the most important part of the entire manufacturing process. Lack of motion on the conveyor belt in the manufacturing line will be immediately reported to the respective person, indicating a fault. Such quick notification helps in improving productivity by reducing the downtime. The device can also capture lack of motion on the workers’ side which may mean that they are either in danger or others may be in danger because of one worker neglecting his or her duties. Such prompt notifications help ensure and enhance workers’ safety and wellbeing of those working in risky areas. Store rooms in a manufacturing unit are places where high value materials are stored. Such places need hawk eye monitoring at all times. Trip wire feature of our video surveillance solution can be used for such level of security, which will alert the respective authority of unauthorised entry. This helps prevent unauthorized access in areas such as the store room along with any harm that may be caused to the materials or other important assets. Furthermore, it can also enhance employee safety by alerting the respective authority if any person goes near hazardous material or machines that might be dangerous.
Access Control for Data Centres
Data Centres is a challenging domain, the success of which depends on security of client data. Most data centres store data of more than one organisation. It is very crucial for the data centre to prevent any unauthorised access of data. Matrix offers a solution whereby data racks get secured biometrically with records of every access along with its duration. Only authorised person can get access of specific rack for the stipulated time using biometric verification.

Matrix integrates access control solution with the generic process followed by every data centres.
Key Features:
Centralized Biometric Authentication
Pre-defined Rack Access
Rack accessible for a defined time period
Integration with video Surveillance
Converged Solution for Banking and Financial Institutions (BFSI)
Fast and quality services are the base points of a Service Industry for it to survive. With rapidly changing technologies and demanding customers, providing diversified services instantly is becoming challenging for Banking and Financial Institutions (BFSI). Services like Online Banking, SMS Notifications and Mobile Banking requires cutting-edge Communication System with both Voice and Data Solutions.

Matrix NAVAN CNX200, Integrated Voice and Data Services Solution provides specialized solutions for BFSI which helps them lower communication cost, connect multi-branch offices, create flexible workplace for employees and improve communication with the field professionals.
Make sure customer gets all information and help whenever they want 24x7
Connect other branches for daily communications
Minimize telephony costs while calling customers on mobile phones and landlines
Instant reach to banking professionals and sales staff who travel a lot
Future proof solution which is remotely manageable, flexible and scalable
Solution – NAVAN CNX200
Enhance professional visibility with Auto-Attendants, Voice Mail, SMS and CTI
Bypass PSTN toll and securely integrate branch offices over IP telephony
Select the cost-effective route to reach customers using VoIP, GSM, CO Lines
Easily connect with field employees using Mobile Softphone app. – SPARSH M2S
Standard voice, data, VPN and wireless solution, Web UI, TR-69, SNMP
It is an ideal Solution for:-

Complete Solution for Banking and Financial Firms:
Single Box Solution for Integrated Voice, Data, Wireless and Internet Services
Full Featured

Multi-Site IP Telephony Smartphone Mobility Messaging Data & Security
  • Up to 24 Users
  • Ideal for Stand-alone and Multi-site Deployments
  • Built-in POTS (CO), GSM/3G and VoIP (SIP) Trunks
  • Advance Call Management
  • Reduce Telecom Costs for Daily Communications
  • Bypass PSTN Toll Charges
  • 3-Digit Dialling
  • Call Hold, Transfer, Conference, Forward Features Support
  • Specialized Mobile Softphone App. for Android/iPhone
  • Take Office Extension Wherever you Go
  • Advance Call Management, Presence, IM, Video Calling, BLF, Voice Mail, Conferencing
  • Voice Mail
  • Auto-Attendants
  • Music-on-Hold
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Email to SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • Conversation Recording
  • Integrated Data Router
  • Wi-Fi Access Point
  • 8 Port LAN Switch
  • SSL (Open) VPN
  • IPsec VPN, PPTP, L2TP
  • Built-in Firewall
  • Access Control
Matrix Successfully Concludes Participation in ICT Cairo, Egypt 2015

Matrix successfully participated in ICT Cairo, held at one of the fastest growing technology capital of the Telecom industry – Egypt.

ICT Cairo is a leading conference and exhibition event for industry players to showcase new-age technologies and merging business solutions. In the telecom segment, Matrix showcased Android/iOS based Mobile Softphones, its range of IP-PBXs & IP Phones, NAVAN – Office-in-a-Box Solution and all new range of User Terminals, Device Gateways and Converged Voice & Data products. Matrix also highlighted different solutions that included Multi-Site connectivity, Extension Gateways, Disaster Recovery, Remote Survivability and SIP Trunking catering to needs of various diversified segments.

Under the security domain, Matrix exhibited its high-end Video Surveillance and Time-Attendance & Access Control solutions that included Hybrid Video Surveillance solutions and Palm Vein, Biometric Fingerprint and RFID Card based Access Control solutions at the event.

The major highlights of the event were NAVAN, Hybrid Video Surveillance solutions and Palm Vein readers.

“ICT Cairo has been a great platform for us to showcase our innovative products and solutions. Matrix participated in the event to meet service providers, system integrators and business professionals on a common ground. We also demonstrated our cutting-edge telecom & security solutions and explained how it can deliver competitive advantages to them.” said, Ruchir Talati, Marketing Manager – Matrix.

Matrix eyes expansion and growth with Product Expos at Dubai and Pune
Matrix concluded product expos at Dubai and Pune along with its partners ACIX and Solace Enterprises respectively. These events were organized with an objective of expansion of business with an indigenous range of telecom and security products. The expos were conducted with an objective of increasing its secondary channel network.

Matrix showcased its cutting-edge range of telecom solutions with Business IP-PBXs, VoIP & GSM Gateways, Converged Voice & Data products and all new range of User Terminals. Matrix NAVAN CNX200 - Office-in-a-Box, the all new range of User Terminals – EON310, EON510, SPARSH VP310, SPARSH VP330E Digital and IP Phones were the centre of attraction as they were mainly targeted for Resellers and Service Providers.
Under the Security Domain, Matrix showcased its entire portfolio of Video Surveillance solutions including the Enterprise Video Management Software along with IP devices and cameras. With respect to the Time-Attendance and Access Control Solutions, Matrix showcased its state-of-the-art Access Control Panel and Readers and the newly launched COSEC ARC - a unique IP based Access Control Panel with real-time features such as Auto Push Events to Server, Instant Notification, Automatic Device Identification and Scheduler Service for Report and Backup.

“Product expos are major networking technology events, bringing IT professionals, System Integrators and Business prospects on common platform. The expos provided us with a great opportunity to meet key service providers and system integrators for sharing our insights & successful case studies with and explain our business solutions” added Rohit Singh, Marketing Engineer
Italy based luxury hotel, renowned for its high standard of services, trusted Matrix Hotel Integrated Telephony Solution for its Telephony needs

The quality of services was of utmost importance as the hotel had to stand true on its reputation of being one of the most quality conscious hotel offering ultimate comfort and luxury to its guests. The hotel was in need of a communication solution that was in line with its high quality service standards. After considering various options the hotel selected Matrix IP Phone Systems.
Integrated Hospitality Communication
Distinctive Guest Service
Integration with PMS and Hotel Phones
Mobility for Hotel Staff
Matrix ETERNITY GE12S IP Communication Platform
Matrix EON48P Operator Consoles
Matrix EON48S Digital Key Phones
Matrix Voice Mail System
Integration with Protel PMS
Bittel Guest Room Phones
Polycom IP-DECT Mobility
IP enabled future-proof and Scalable Solution
Reduced Operational Costs
Streamlined Hotel Operations
Prompt and Efficient Guest Services
Increased Staff Reachability
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