Matrix Security solutions has announced the launch of its cutting edge multispectral fingerprint based door controller - COSEC DOOR FMX in its Access Control and Time-Attendance solution range. The device boosts security and productivity of enterprises such as Defence, Airports, R&D Labs, Mines and Manufacturing Units.
This advance multispectral technology reads surface and subsurface of a live fingerprint. It gives very clear and strong image even if the surface layer is not available due to dirty finger, dry finger, oily finger, poor ridge image or other environmental problems. This unique identification process outperforms all other fingerprint sensors and offers robust and reliable biometric information of a user.
Due to its powerful fingerprint reading algorithm, COSEC DOOR FMX can work in extreme and harsh environment where a user’s fingerprint is difficult to read.
Condition Usage Area Industry
Dry Deserts Construction, Manufacturing
Wet or Oily Humid, Rainy Gym, Chemical, Manufacturing
Dirty Dusty Regions, Outdoor Application Manufacturing, Mines, Transportation
Bright Light Outdoor Application Construction
Variable Pressure Children and Aged Users Education, Club, Health Care

Along with COSEC CENTRA application software, COSEC DOOR FMX can work for different applications such as Access Control, Time-Attendance, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management, Contract Workers Management, Job Processing and Costing and others.

Helping Hoteliers Improve Their Businesses By Enhancing Customer Retention As Well As Customer Referrals
Hospitality is a very distinct industry with unique security requirements that cannot be fulfilled by general video surveillance. In the view of rising terror and crimes, safety and security of guests is of utmost importance. What hospitality requires is not just a generic video surveillance that will be used to investigate the event after it has occurred, but a smart solution with preventive security that issues real-time alerts, thus enabling you to take timely action and prevent damage.

Matrix Video Surveillance Solution for Hospitality guarantees foolproof security for customer peace of mind. Matrix Video Surveillance offers much more than just security. It helps hoteliers enhance customer services to provide a memorable experience to guests. This leads to customer delight thereby improving customer retention as well as customer referrals, which directly increases the business revenue.
Ensure Real-time Security Enhance Customer Service Ease of Use with Integrated Solutions
Matrix solutions aim to prevent damage in real-time, rather than investigating at a later stage.
Its Intelligent Video Analytics like Perimeter Security, Missing Object Detection, Face Detection, etc. ensure early detection of suspicious events.

The system also issues instant notifications to alert the right person
at the right time about threats.
Matrix Video Surveillance is not just limited to security, but also helps boost productivity.
Random checks can be done with Daily Highlights to ensure:


- Proper Cleanliness of the Premises
- Chefs Wearing their Caps while Cooking
- Timely Service to Customers During Check in and Check out
These features directly enhance customer retention by enabling you to provide best services at all times.
Matrix Video Surveillance systems can be integrated with all third party solutions of your premises like Fire Alarm, Access Control, etc.
This helps in synchronous working of different systems, providing a complete security solution for hotels.
Business Communications Just Got More Collaborative! Matrix Integrated Microsoft Outlook with VARTA WIN200
In this fast-paced world, professionals use many workplace tools to stay productive and offer enhanced services to their customers. With multi-tasking being the key skillset in today’s business environment, employees hamper their productivity juggling between applications. To offer a collaborative solution, Matrix integrated VARTA - The UC Client with Outlook Application using both from a single screen.
The integration of e-mail client with VARTA WIN200 offers a bundle of features, which are as follows:-

Along with COSEC CENTRA application software, COSEC DOOR FMX can work for different applications such as Access Control, Time-Attendance, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management, Contract Workers Management, Job Processing and Costing and others.

1. Click to Call: The user simply has to click on the Outlook contact and a call will be placed automatically through VARTA WIN200.
2. Single Screen for Multiple Tasks: Users can now access all the UC features from their Outlook itself. Access E-mails, Make Calls from Extensions, Check Presence Status, Arrange/Attend Conference, Instant Messages and Group Chat can all be accessed from a single screen.
3. Presence Sharing: Presence Sharing helps user to route the calls accordingly for simplified communication.
4. Contact Grouping and Conferencing: It helps user reaching multiple people right from their Outlook mailbox for meetings and discussions.
5. Hot Keys: Dedicated hot keys for Making/Receiving Audio/Video Calls, Disconnecting and Rejecting calls, Hold/Unhold calls, Volume Up and Down, offers a personalized calling experience that enhances an employees’ efficiency.
6. Calendar Integration: With calendar integration, Presence Status of the employee during meetings will be set accordingly. Henceforth, employees can route their communication and there will be no delays in the decision-making process.
7. Instant Messaging: Users can send Instant Messages to their Outlook contacts from the same screen as VARTA WIN200. With multi-media features like Emoticons and Intuitive Dial Pad, users can have seamless communication experience that indeed boosts their productivity.
Your Mobile is Your Identity – Matrix Access Control
Mobile is becoming one’s identity in today’s world as all regular functions are being carried out from the mobile itself. To stay current with the scenario, Matrix has evolved mobile technology whereby basic Access Control and Time-Attendance functions can be carried out on a mobile. QR Code based Access Control allows users to scan the QR code and accordingly allow/deny access. Likewise, Bluetooth based Access Control allows access to users with just a gesture of their phone in front of the device. It is a complete contactless technology that proves useful in corporates, healthcare and manufacturing industries and matches the high standards of current requirements is Matrix Mobile based Access Control.
QR Code Based Access Control:   Bluetooth Based Access Control:
Matrix “Your Mobile is Your Identity” technology offers QR code based identification for users. It marks their attendance and opens the door when a user scans the QR code on their mobile phone camera in the COSEC mobile application.  

Matrix “Your Mobile is Your Identity” technology offers gesture-based identification for users. It opens door when a user brings his/her mobile phone within the vicinity of a device.

Enter by simply Scanning the QR Code from a Distance
Users don’t have to Touch any Scanner
Secured and Encrypted Communication
Organizations create their own QR codes by embedding their two-byte key.
Eliminates Cost Involved in Expensive Devices, Wiring, Installation and AMC
Use of Multiple QR Codes Speeds up Entry/Exit - Avoiding Congestion and Queues
Reduces Installation Time
Works where devices are not easy to deploy, e.g. Glass doors
Enter by bringing the mobile within eight meters of the device.
Users don’t have to touch any scanner or reader.
Simultaneous Identification and Verification of Multiple Users in less than One Second
Only Registered User/Mobile Allowed
Encrypted and Secured Communication between Mobile and Device
Install Device at your Convenience, Irrespective of Door Location
Automated Validation of Data using Matrix Video Surveillance and Weighbridge Integration
Weigh Bridge Integration:
Weighbridge integration with video surveillance helps manufacturing industry customers to prevent losses by securing weighbridge system against manipulation of data. It automates license plate identification and captures pictorial evidence of payload, driver, vehicle essential for post analysis and dispute resolution related to payment against material quantity.
The solution involves three cameras, which capture the license plate, material and the weighing scale. These cameras work in synchronization with weighbridge software and SAP/ERP software with the help of text file or common MS-SQL database. The sequential flow is as mentioned below.
Weighbridge: System Operator Approves or Corrects Number Plate Recognized
Weighbridge: Accumulation of Data from SAP/ERP and Weighing Scale
Exit: Capture Data again with Empty/Loaded Vehicle
Report: Generate Pictorial Reports for each Vehicle with Accumulated Data (Vehicle Number, Challan Number, Weighing Details and Contractor Detail)
Thus, Matrix Video Surveillance provides a comprehensive solution to make raw material inward/finished goods outward process automated and dispute free, leading to Enhanced Customer Trust, Reduction of Operating Losses and Improve Productivity.
Nairobi Based Luxury Hotel Trusted Matrix for an Efficient and a Reliable Communication System
The Nairobi based hotel has 109 spacious, tastefully designed rooms along with amenities like all-day dining restaurant, meeting rooms, gym, an outdoor swimming pool and a gift shop. The hoteliers were looking for a robust communication system that enables their staff members to answer guest queries from any location and offer immediate assistance.
Integrated Hospitality Communication
Distinctive Guest Service
Integration with Micros Opera PMS
Mobility for Hotel Staff
Integration of Radio for Security Guards
Matrix ETERNITY GE12S IP Communication Platform
Matrix RIC Card for VHF Radio Installation
Integration with Micros Opera PMS
Integration with Third Party IP Extensions
Mobility for Hotel Staff through Mobile Application
IP based Future-Proof Solution
Reduced Operational Costs up to 8%
Streamlined Hotel Operations
Prompt and Efficient Guest Services
Increased Staff Reachability through Mobile Extensions
Connected Security Individuals through Radio Interfaces
Matrix helps Channel Partners improve Conversion Rate, Provides Live Mobility Solution on their Devices
Real-Time Communication and anywhere Access makes Mobility as the key aspect in today’s dynamics of business environment. These technical solutions at times tend to get complicated for the customer to understand. Matrix introduces a Live Demonstration of Mobility Solutions for channel partners on their own devices. This will not only simplify the way of showcasing the solution easily to customers but will also help them to close the cases successfully.
Following are the features to be demonstrated: -
Mobile Extension Chat/IM
VARTA UC Client on Windows PC   Call Transfer/Conference
DSS/BLF Function   Voice Mail
Call Forking
(Same Number – Multiple Devices)
  Outlook Integration
Presence   Click to Call
Video Calling      
Benefits: -
Flexibility with Partners to Bring Their Own Device Anytime Anywhere Access to Mobility Solution
Saves Cost of Physical Device Demonstration   Helps Partners Improve their Conversion Rate
  For more information, contact:  
Ph.: +91 265 2630555
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