Matrix Improves Communication with New Cutting-edge Voicemail Features
Busy schedules and field visits have forced workforces to look for convenient and connectivity options.

Voicemail caters to this need of professionals by allowing them to stay connected with the business communication. Voicemail refers to the basic ability of recording, storing and editing spoken messages. Voicemail systems make phone systems more powerful and flexible by allowing conversations and information to pass between parties, even when they are not physically present.

Easily manageable and personalized mailbox help employees stay connected with office while on the move. Furthermore, features like Call Queuing, Uploading Prompts in Six Different Languages, Configuring Mailbox according to Date and Time format allow the workforce to stay productive and efficiently handle their mailbox.

The latest version of Matrix Voicemail server, VMS V7 is as comprehensive solution offering a bouquet of features:
Storage Capacity: A single hardware NX DBM VMS64 mounted on the CPU offers 64 channels allowing 64 people to access their mailbox simultaneously. Furthermore, nine callers can leave messages in the mailbox at the same time. Presently, one can record up to 2,170 hours offering users the convenience of storing more messages and eliminating the need of taking backup regularly.
Capacity to Create Multiple Auto-attendant Menus: 128 Auto-attendant menus allow customers to call the desired departments by just dialing a suggested string of numbers. Increased number of graphs is used mainly in the call center industry, wherein customer care departments of different companies operate under a single roof.
Prompt Uploading in Six Different Languages: With VMS V7, prompts can be uploaded in six languages. If there is any change in the region of the receiving party, the engineer, with web based management, can easily set the desired language. These six languages should be recorded in the system from the user’s side.
Facility to take backup from VPN or Local Network: Facility to take back up of messages from local network/VPN is less time consuming. Therefore, employees can now focus on other tasks and improve their productivity.
Call Queuing: VMS V7 offers Call Queuing facility up to almost one and half hour. As a result, customers’ calls do not remain unanswered and are instead greeted with an Auto-attendant message. Using this feature, call center executives can manage heavy traffic of calls effectively and improve customer satisfaction.
Web based Prompt Management: Intuitive user interface makes uploading and management of prompts easy and less time consuming.

What if an eagle were to watch over your premises?
Matrix launches all new range of 2MP IP Cameras to wear off the challenges introduced by ordinary cameras, in turn leading to transparent surveillance. Its active pixel with back-illuminated sensor is as sharp as an Eagle’s eye. It incorporates Sony’s Starvis series sensor made with EXMOR technology. Moreover, this replaces the antiquated technology and mitigates the problem of poor image quality. Thus, the camera captures even in low-light conditions resulting in higher image quality at as low as 0.02 lux.
Ordinary Camera Matrix 2MP IP Camera
Features of Matrix 2MP IP Camera:
Crystal Clear Images even under Low-light Conditions with Reduced Noise
Reduce Storage Space with Superior H.265 Compression Technique
Quad-stream Supported at Low fps for Four Simultaneous Users
Educational Institutions Serving Quality and Safe Education to Students with Matrix Two-way Audio Feature

It is said that ‘Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Leaders’. Educating them in the right way and assuring that there is no hindrance in their progress is of utmost importance. For this, educational institutions should make efforts to improve their way of delivering education.

Matrix Video Surveillance solution with its Two-way audio feature helps educational institutions to serve quality education with real-time streaming of lectures on multiple devices. For this, a mic and a speaker are connected with the camera at the audio in and out ports respectively.
Improved Academic Performance: Students who are unable to attend the classes due to poor health, extracurricular activities, etc., can view the recorded lectures at their convenience with Matrix Video Surveillance solution. Also, lectures can be recorded for future reference to help students improve their preparation and performance.
Real-time Streaming: The quality of teaching can be monitored and lectures can be heard in real-time, helping the authorities to improve their education system. Matrix Video Surveillance also allows distance learning courses, thus expanding the institution’s reach and revenue. Thus, Matrix Two-way audio feature ensures the improvement and discipline of students in and outside the classroom.
Optimize Bandwidth with Matrix Edge Recording Feature for a Cost-effective Solution
Banking industry is burgeoning in various ways, ever since technology replaced the physical procedures. The same holds true when it comes to security of banks. With banks expanding their branch offices, the need of foolproof security increases with a budget constraint. The major cost is not the one-time investment cost but the recurring cost induced due to the bandwidth consumption.

Matrix Video Surveillance solution with its Edge Recording Feature helps record video files, where the file location is on the edge of network and not on a central location. On occurrence of any event, notifications can be sent to the central location even with low bandwidth through Edge Recording. This provides flexibility for centralized monitoring and management of multiple branches, thereby reducing the cost.
Reduce Breakdowns and Downtime
Record files to the memory card in the event when connection to the central NVR is lost
Optimized Use of Available Bandwidth
Centralized Notification Even from Remote Location

Passing Information Manually of an Event to a Central Location Getting Delayed?
Matrix provided sustainable solutions to Cosmos Co-operative Bank, which is one of the oldest Urban Co-operative Banks in India. Matrix installed its HVR’s at all the 52 branches of Cosmos Bank across India, using its strength of more than 500+ trained SI’s spread across the country.

For central notification on functioning status of the devices and cameras at low bandwidth, Matrix offered notification management software called ‘Device Monitor’, which provides Centralized Health Status about events like number of devices online, number of cameras where motion is detected, video loss, camera tamper, hard-disk failure, storage status, etc., in less than 5Kbps per location.
Reduce Breakdowns and Downtime
Record files to the memory card in the event when connection to the central NVR is lost
Optimized Use of Available Bandwidth
Centralized Notification Even from Remote Location
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COSEC ARC DC100P and COSEC ARC DC100S are an intelligent, compact IP panel with PoE/RS-485 for a single or double door. COSEC ARC dramatically simplifies access deployment. COSEC ARC works in two different operational modes – in Standalone Mode with COSEC PANEL or in a Centralized Mode with COSEC CENTRA application server. The state-of-the-art COSEC ARC can control two readers on Wiegand or RS-485, two door locks and other auxiliary devices, making it an ideal solution for any access control installation. COSEC ARC DC100P supports data and power on PoE for readers and door locks.
Solution Involves:
One/Two-door Panel with IP Technology on Existing LAN/WAN Distributed Architecture, Robust Security
Industry Standard CAT5 and CAT6 Wiring Compact, Modular and Easy to Scale
Installation near the Door Reduces Wiring and Improves Reliability Industry Standard DIN Rail Mounting
PoE Powers PANEL, Readers and Locks, no Need of Local Power Point or Backup COSEC PANEL integrates up to 255 Door Controllers with interlinked value added features.
Neat, Elegant, Reliable and Easy-to-Maintain Installation Centralized Management and Control using COSEC PANEL Web Pages from anywhere

Government Power Equipment Certification Institute Validates Streamlined Communication with Matrix Advanced IP based Solutions
A government institute based in Bengaluru, works extensively for the development and quality assurance of power generation equipment. This institute has made commendable contribution in the field of improving planning, operation and control of power systems. The workforce of the institute includes highly qualified scientists, experienced engineers and supporting staff.

For selecting a communication system, the institute scouted the whole market. Finally, they relied on Matrix Telecom solutions, after considering modular architecture of the system and laudable technical support.

Matrix IP based communication platform has established a robust communication link between all the employees. Now, since all the professionals are connected with each other, decision making process is automated, indirectly boosting the productivity.
Single Box Solution for Universal Connectivity
Single Number Reach for Employees, Regardless of their Location
Communication Convenience
Proper Management of Heavy Call Traffic
Increasing Telephony Costs
Telecom Regulations Barres Masking of Calling numbers
ETERNITY LE - Universal Communication Platform
Two SETU VFXTH0016 and Four SETU VFX808
VARTA Professional License – PC Soft Client
Range of Matrix User Terminals
Two PRI and GSM Cards for Quick Connectivity at Reduced Costs
VMS16 License – License for 16 Voicemail Channels
24X7 Connectivity
Improved Productivity
Low System Downtime
Matrix Helped a Mumbai based Call Center Improve Support Service and Boost Customer Loyalty
A Mumbai based manufacturer holds an exclusive line of products including adhesives, sealants, construction materials, paint chemicals, industrial and textile resins. Since customer’s feedback matters the most to the company, it runs a call center wherein customers can share their views about the product and indirectly create an improvement pitch for the company. Since the company had a huge customer base it was certain to receive great influx of calls. High call traffic resulted in high ratio of call drops, breaking the connection between manufacturer and customer.
High Call Drop Ratio
Limited Recording Capacity of Voice Mailbox
Limitation in Terms of Number of People Simultaneously Leaving Voice Mail
Personalized Greetings
Increase System Capacity to Accommodate more Agents
Telecom Regulations Barres Masking of Calling numbers
ETERNITY GENX12SAC with VMS V7 (Voice Mail Server)
Numerous Options for Configuring Mailbox
Option to set Personalized Greetings in Six Different Languages
Low Call Drops
Enriched Customer Experience
Improved Customer Retention
Enhanced Connectivity
Visibility on Statistics and Call Outcomes
Hero MotoCorp, the Automobile Giant, has chosen Matrix Access Control Solution to Secure their Kukas, Jaipur Premises.
Hero MotoCorp Ltd., formerly Hero Honda, is one of the India’s largest motorcycle and scooter manufacturers based in New Delhi with a market share of about 46% in the two-wheelers category. In 2001, the company achieved the coveted position of being the largest two-wheeler manufacturing company in India. It is the 'World No. 1' two-wheeler company in terms of unit volume sales in a calendar year. Hero MotoCorp Ltd. continues to maintain this position till date.
Business Challenges:
Being a manufacturing unit, the basic requirement of Hero MotoCorp was to restrict any unauthorized access in sensitive areas. They were in search of the right vendor who could provide them with a zone based Access Control solution to restrict entry of a person from one zone to another. E.g.: A Coating Department employee should not be allowed access into the Assemble Department. Furthermore, devices with good aesthetics and ease to install were required as part of the solution.
Matrix Offered Solution:
Matrix pitched its Access Control solution, which fulfills 100% requirement of Hero MotoCorp. Additionally, instead of door controllers, Matrix provided IP based Single Door Controller and COSEC ARC DC100P along with entry and exit readers to meet the standard DIN Rail mounting. COSEC ARC, as a single door IP panel and COSEC PATH RDFE, as entry and exit readers have been installed to secure their premises.
Two requirements for Access Control were:
1) Restrict Unauthorized Access
2) Zone-wise Access
Restricting unauthorized access was the basic requirement for implementing an access control solution. However, zone-wise access control was really challenging with 100+ entry points. For this, Matrix provided COSEC PANEL LITE, which comes with a feature that allows creation of different groups of devices based on different zones.
Hero MotoCorp secured the premises with Matrix Access Control solution and achieved the following results:
Increased Overall Security by Restricting Unauthorized Access
Zone-wise Access Control
Enhanced Connectivity
Visibility on Statistics and Call Outcomes
Matrix Hotel PBX Help Hoteliers Attain Hospitality Expertise
Enhances Guest Experience, Improves Internal Connectivity
Whether it is a full-service starred hotel, resort, business hotel, guest houses or inns, guests’ experience defines success for all. Therefore, customer satisfaction matters the most to every hotelier. Furthermore, with changes in the lifestyles of people, there has been a massive change in people’s mindset regarding their stay in the hotel. Offering technically advanced solutions in hotels increases the investment cost.

Managing these increasing costs and earning a considerable amount of profit at the same time becomes tricky for the hoteliers. A reliable and feature-rich hotel communication system is an ideal way to manage the services appropriately at low costs.

Maintaining guest records and the services availed by them, monitoring room clean status, call budgeting, guest check-in/check-out from a consolidated interface can help hoteliers offer personalized experience to the guests. Matrix Hospitality solutions caters to these needs of hoteliers, along with a long line of features such as:
Mobility for Staff: With feature-rich PC/Mobile Softphones: VARTA WIN200 and VARTA AMP100/VARTA ADR100, Presence Status of the mobile staff can be noted. Using the feature, staff can be assigned duties on the basis of their availability resulting in timely assistance of the guests. Other features such as Audio Conference, Video Call, Contact Grouping and Instant Messaging improve communication between staff members enabling them offer superior services to the guests.
Matrix Front Desk Management Wizard: Using the Front Desk Management Wizard, receptionists can monitor and manage routine hotel operations from a single interface. The comprehensive interface allows the hoteliers to monitor different activities like Guest Check-in/Check-out, Set/Cancel Wake-up Calls, Block/Allow Room-to-Room Dialing, Set/Cancel DND, Room Occupancy Status, Room Clean Status, Generate Bills and Print Reports from the same screen. Furthermore, use of the wizard eliminates the hotelier’s need of purchasing hospitality solutions from different vendors.
Integration with Security Systems: Matrix Hospitality solutions help hoteliers take security a notch higher at their facilities. With built-in security ports for connecting sensors and relay activated devices such as smoke detector, glass-break detector, hooter and door lock/release devices, hoteliers can create a safe environment for their guests.
Radio Interface Integration: Quick connectivity between hotel and the security staff helps in creating a safe atmosphere. During emergencies, availability of right communication devices enables security personnel to alert the hotel staff quickly. Furthermore, informing the concerned staff can help them notify the guests and guide them to the nearest escape. Matrix Hotel PBX offers connectivity for radio devices with coverage area within the boundaries of hotel premises or across the facilities.
Integration with the Leading PMS and CAS: Matrix Hospitality solutions offer built-in hotel features and can be integrated with the third party PMS. Micros Opera, Protel, IDS, RMS, Auto Clerk, Acumen Software – HOTSOFT, cHAR, Power Brain – Power HMS and Infor Hospitality can be integrated with the Matrix Hotel PBX. Call costs acquire a great amount of hotel’s budget. To help hoteliers curb the increasing telephony costs, Matrix Hospitality PBX is equipped with built-in CAS. However, all those hoteliers who wish to use third party Call Accounting Software, third party software can be easily integrated with the Matrix Hotel-Motel PBX.
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