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Matrix Comsec is a trusted global provider of cutting-edge Security and Telecom Solutions for the Retail sector.

Our video surveillance solutions offer a cutting-edge retail security ecosystem that empowers you to centrally monitor multiple chain stores across different locations. By seamlessly integrating with Point-of-Sale systems, our solution detects frauds and minimizes loss prevention through real-time monitoring of transactions and cashier behavior. Additionally, our system allows for merchandise monitoring, providing comprehensive oversight of inventory and stock movements. In case of disputes, our solution enables easy playback and investigation of recorded footage, facilitating quick and accurate resolution of issues. In addition, our advanced biometric solutions cater to access control with advanced access features, attendance management, multi-site connectivity, centralized reporting, leave and holiday management, employee self-service, and integration with payroll systems. These solutions offer robust security measures and efficient management of personnel across defense establishments. Matrix Communication solution is a single-box solution that caters to all the needs of the retail industry. From increased customer engagement to streamlining business functions, a Matrix VoIP phone system for business does it all. It places the customer call directly to the reception, handles internal communication with ease to decrease communication costs, connects the head office to retail stores with one-touch access, and provides a scalable system for future growth.

Matrix Security and Telecom Solutions bolster retail operations, deterring thefts, ensuring safety, and enabling seamless communication for efficient store management and improved customer service.

What Matrix Offers


Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Retail
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Retail
  • Ensures a hassle-free parking experience for customers with real-time slot availability data
  • Instant alerts prevent unauthorized and haphazard parking, ensuring discipline and optimial space utilization
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) accurately tracks vehicles entering and leaving the premises enhancing overall security measures
  • Integration with ticketing and payment systems streamlines operations, reducing customer wait times, enhancing customer experience
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Retail
  • Secures high-value items with Missing Object Detection IVA, alerting employees if item gets misplaced or stolen
  • Get instant alerts on suspicious activities and prevent camera tampering with Tamper Detection IVA
  • Motion Detection and Intrusion Detection IVAs alert via video pop-ups aiding security personnel against theft attempts
  • Monitor shelves with higher FOV IP cameras, for better inventory management and swift restocking
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Retail
  • Integrating IP cameras with POS systems, overlays item details and transactions, enhancing security and fraud detection
  • System triggers recording/alerts for voided transactions or suspicious purchases, improving loss prevention
  • Simplifies search and retrieving transaction-related video footage, aiding investigations and disputes
  • Monitors cashier behavior, flagging suspicious activities, deterring internal and external fraud
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Retail
  • Supervise and monitor multi-location stores by clustering 20 NVRs and 1000+ cameras for enhanced security
  • Efficiently determine customer footfall and manage staff availability during peak hours
  • Prioritize staff and customer safety, preventing potential crimes and ensuring a secure environment
  • Enable remote monitoring beyond store business hours for enhanced security and 24/7 surveillance
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Retail
  • Playback with single-click control options and Intelligent Video Analytic features for efficient investigation
  • System provides evidence lock, bookmark search, and clip export functions to capture and store crucial proofs easily
  • Secure handling and storage of evidence in live view and playback, enabling robust post-event analysis
  • Streamline evidence sharing with law enforcement or stakeholders, aiding investigations and reducing response time


Matrix Access Control and Time Attendance Solutions for Retail
Matrix Access Control and Time Attendance Solutions for Retail
  • Automates attendance tracking, eliminating the manual effort and potential errors associated with paper-based systems
  • Reduces administrative costs and paperwork by generating accurate timesheets and attendance reports
  • Enables efficient scheduling and allocation of staff based on real-time attendance data, ensuring adequate coverage during peak hours
Matrix Access Control and Time Attendance Solutions for Retail
  • Tracks and measures employee working hours, allowing for accurate calculation of overtime and ensuring fair compensation.
  • Provides insights into attendance patterns and trends, enabling managers to identify and address productivity issues.
  • Streamlines leave management processes, automating time-off requests and approvals, and ensuring efficient allocation of leave credits.
Matrix Access Control and Time Attendance Solutions for Retail
  • Integrates seamlessly with payroll and HRMS systems, enabling accurate and timely salary calculations and payments
  • Generates comprehensive attendance reports and analytics, facilitating data-driven decision-making and workforce planning
  • Offers customizable reporting features to meet specific organizational requirements


Matrix Telecom Solutions for Retail
Matrix Telecom Solutions for Retail
  • The smart retail reception UC Client for PCs/Laptops offers a unified communication platform for efficient customer interactions and streamlined retail reception processes
  • Outlook integration enables direct calling through emails, enhancing communication efficiency by seamlessly integrating email contacts with calling functionality
  • Single click call management streamlines quick and emergency calling processes, enabling prompt and efficient communication
  • Quick connectivity to inter-departments facilitates seamless meetings and discussions
  • Sending SMS through PBX for notifications allows for instant and reliable communication, ensuring important updates reach recipients promptly and efficiently
  • Integration with the public address system and fire alarm enables emergency broadcast functionality, ensuring swift and effective communication during critical situations
  • Minimizing telephony costs while calling prospective employees for recruitment optimizes budget utilization, ensuring efficient communication without compromising quality
Matrix Telecom Solutions for Retail
  • One-touch connectivity to finance/retail stores enables seamless access to sales data, trend analysis, and costing information for informed decision-making
  • Utilizing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) during market visits/tours, as an office extension enables seamless communication and connectivity
  • Sending promotional SMS for scheme awareness through the in-skin GSM card of PBX ensures effective marketing communication
  • The advanced call capabilities encompass video calls, instant messaging, and conversation recording, facilitating efficient communication solutions
  • Corporate directory integration allows seamless contact selection from a centralized directory, simplifying communication and enhancing productivity within organizations
  • Tracking supplies by integrating third-party software enhances inventory management, ensuring accurate tracking and efficient supply chain operations
  • Audio conference calls streamline supply chain processes by facilitating communication between departments and suppliers, ensuring efficient collaboration and coordination
Matrix Telecom Solutions for Retail
  • Quick connectivity to distributors and sales force on mobile extensions enables prompt resolution of payment issues, enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Faster operations are achieved through direct station selection keys, providing shortcut connectivity for quick and efficient communication
  • The SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) feature assists in generating online and offline reports, allowing monitoring of call expenses for cost control and analysis
  • Call conference with marketing and management facilitates discussions on pricing structures and reforms, ensuring effective decision-making and alignment
  • Customer engagement is enhanced through the broadcast of store announcements using the public address system, ensuring effective communication with customers
  • Productivity is enhanced with advanced call management, enabling faster project completion through streamlined communication and efficient coordination
Matrix Telecom Solutions for Retail
  • Multiple locations – head office, factory, and R&D center can be seamlessly connected using VOIP technology, enhancing communication and collaboration
  • Web-based remote management allows anywhere control over systems, empowering users to manage and monitor operations from any location
  • The ability to manage the system using the local language facilitates ease of use and enhances user experience
  • Redundancy minimizes downtime during power failures, ensuring uninterrupted operation and minimizing disruptions in critical situations
  • Secured login with HTTP/HTTPS protocols ensure encrypted and protected access, enhancing the security of user authentication and data transmission
  • The system is designed for easy management, making it efficient for mass deployments and simplifying administration tasks
  • User-friendly UI and installation wizard simplify the process of adding users, extensions, and classes of service, ensuring easy configuration and setup
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