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Matrix Comsec is trusted worldwide for providing cutting-edge Security and Telecom Solutions for the Banking Financial Services and Insurance sector.

Video Surveillance Solution ensures centralized monitoring and control across multiple branches and locations, safeguarding valuable assets. Seamless integration with peripherals creates a comprehensive security ecosystem. Additionally, biometric solutions cater to access control, attendance management, multi-site connectivity, centralized reporting, leave and holiday management, employee self-service, and payroll integration. Matrix has developed a range of products that form a comprehensive solution for any type of financial institution. The unified messaging and mobility features ensure anytime connectivity with customers, increasing employee productivity and responsiveness. The advanced IP terminal by Matrix is the tool that traders will prefer for their critical communication during high market hours.

With Matrix Security and Telecom Solutions, BFSI sector can secure premises and ensure seamless communication.

What Matrix Offers


Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for BFSI
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for BFSI
  • Cluster up to 20 NVRs to Monitor 1000+ cameras connected to the NVR loop from a central location
  • VMS integrates cameras and security devices for a comprehensive security solution in a common platform
  • User- based roles and rights to match the hierarchy of the organization and give access as per the user profile
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for BFSI
  • Cameras store recordings locally when disconnected, with up to one week of video stored in a 512GB SD card
  • Adaptive Recording reduces frame rate when inactive, cutting storage and bandwidth usage by up to 50% for optimized performance
  • Smart streaming divides streams into multiple bitrates, optimizing storage and bandwidth while preserving crucial details
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for BFSI
  • Playback with single-click control options and Intelligent Video Analytic features for efficient investigation
  • The system provides evidence lock, bookmark search, and clip export functions to capture and store crucial proofs easily
  • Secure handling and storage of evidence in live view and playback, enabling robust post-event analysis
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for BFSI
  • Matrix IP cameras feature SONY STARVIS sensors for superior image quality in diverse lighting conditions
  • Mask specific camera regions to limit visibility in live view or recording, ensuring customer privacy in ATMs
  • Cognitive Response Engine with Automated Response: CREAM enables proactive event handling, customizable scenarios, and fully automated operations
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for BFSI
  • Matrix Comsec is a pioneering CCTV manufacturer to achieve cyber security certification as per OWASP ASVS 4.0 L2 by STQC, Delhi
  • Vandal-proof cameras for enhanced security, designed to withstand tampering and ensure system integrity
  • Network security with robust measures, protecting against hacking and safeguarding video surveillance data
  • Matrix systems detect and notify faults in cameras, NVR, storage, networks, and power, ensuring continuous monitoring and maintenance


Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solutions for BFSI
Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solutions for BFSI
  • Centralized point across multiple locations to manage all devices and users
  • Seamless hardware and software integration for better organizational optimization and comprehensive security
Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solutions for BFSI
  • Smart identification cross-checks card with biometric information against biometric credentials for higher security
  • Anti-pass back to prevent fraudulent credential usage
  • Route-based access control to prevent user flow through restricted areas
  • First-in-user policy to regulate access only in the physical presence of the concerned person
  • Tamper detection in devices to trigger audio, video, and SMS/Email notifications to mitigate physical threats
Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solutions for BFSI
  • Advanced safety monitoring with who’s in dashboard to quickly identify staff present inside any particular zone
  • Fire alarm integration to enable movement through secured doors without restriction
Matrix Access Control and Time-Attendance Solutions for BFSI
  • Secure floor movements with Elevator Access Control
  • Data access protection measures with data centre access control


Matrix Telecom Solutions for BFSI
Matrix Telecom Solutions for BFSI
  • Enhance front-end processes with a refined UC client designed for PCs and laptops, improving efficiency and user experience
  • Seamlessly integrate with Outlook for direct calling through emails, streamlining communication and enabling convenient connectivity
  • Track and manage the room status and database of banking departments, ensuring efficient operations and up-to-date information management
  • Efficiently handle all calls, voicemails, and operations from a single desk, streamlining communication and simplifying workflow management
  • Enjoy the convenience of web-based management, enabling easy access and control for efficient operations and streamlined workflows
  • Ensure uninterrupted business operations during high market hours, safeguarding productivity and maximizing opportunities for growth and success
Matrix Telecom Solutions for BFSI
  • Assign BYOD (Bring your own Device) extensions to bankers, enabling important call-ins remotely and facilitating seamless communication and productivity
  • Effortlessly attend calls from any location through authenticated mobility features, ensuring connectivity and accessibility regardless of your whereabouts
  • Utilize video calls to facilitate real-time visual interaction and collaboration, fostering effective communication and seamless teamwork
  • Employ call conferencing for essential business discussions, enabling effective collaboration and decision-making among key stakeholders
  • Efficiently communicate and save time during conversations with quick messages through chats, facilitating seamless and effective communication
  • Utilize pre-recorded messages on voicemail for similar cases, providing consistent and effective responses to enhance customer support
  • Integrate banking directory for seamless access to essential contact information, promoting efficient communication and streamlined operations
Matrix Telecom Solutions for BFSI
  • Leverage multi-port radio interface for enhanced mobility, enabling seamless communication and connectivity on the go
  • The radio interface facilitates both internal and external calls, providing comprehensive communication capabilities for seamless connectivity and collaboration
  • The radio interfaces enable security personnel to make emergency calls, ensuring prompt communication and enhanced safety measures
  • Ensure secure connections through TLS/SRTP, safeguarding communication and protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access
  • Enable password-protected access, trusted IP, and digest authentication for enhanced security and authorized user authentication
Matrix Telecom Solutions for BFSI
  • Enable quick and emergency calling with single-click functionality, ensuring prompt communication and efficient response in critical situations
  • In case of emergencies, utilize radio/announcement systems for immediate communication and dissemination of critical information
  • Offer round-the-clock assistance to provide the best customer service, ensuring support and satisfaction at any time of the day
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by enabling anytime, anywhere reachability, ensuring easy and convenient access to support and services
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