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Matrix Comsec is trusted worldwide for providing cutting-edge Security and Telecom Solutions for the Healthcare sector.

CCTV cameras in healthcare play a significant role in deterring crime in public areas and ensuring compliance by hospital staff. Considering, the safety of assets, staff, and patients is of utmost importance video surveillance plays a crucial role in securing office spaces. However, it is important to understand the confidentiality implications, and secure the patients’ data, Matrix cameras provide data-secure surveillance and other features that are apt for the healthcare industry. Additionally, biometric solutions cater to access control, attendance management, multi-site connectivity, centralized reporting, leave and holiday management, employee self-service, and payroll integration. By adding real-time communication processes into the healthcare workflow, Matrix Hospital solutions help the medics reach the right resources regardless of location, thus mobilizing patient-care team connectivity.

With Matrix Security and Telecom Solutions, Healthcare sector can secure premises and ensure seamless communication.

What Matrix Offers


Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Healthcare
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Healthcare
  • Matrix is a pioneering CCTV manufacturer to achieve cyber security certification as per OWASP ASVA 4.0 L2 by STQC, Delhi ensuring privacy for the patients
  • Vandal-proof cameras for enhanced security, designed to withstand tampering and ensure system integrity. 
  • Network security with robust measures, protecting against hacking and safeguarding video surveillance data
  • Matrix systems detect and notify faults in cameras, NVR, storage, networks, and power, ensuring continuous monitoring and maintenance
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Healthcare
  • Matrix is a Pioneering CCTV Manufacturer to Achieve Cyber Security Certification as per OWASP ASVS 4.0 L2 by STQC, Delhi Ensuring Privacy for the Patients
  • Vandal-proof Cameras for Enhanced Security, Designed to Withstand Tampering and Ensure System Integrity.
  • Network Security with Robust Measures, Protecting Against Hacking and Safeguarding Video Surveillance Data.
  • Matrix Systems Detect and Notify Faults in Cameras, NVR, Storage, Networks, and Power, Ensuring Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance.
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Healthcare
  • Prevent entry of unauthorized vehicle by identifying every number plate approaching the entry gate, also records the total number of vehicles
  • License plate recognition, object detection, and occupancy sensors for easy parking slot detection. also get live occupancy details, event notifications, with parking entrance guiding system 
  • Prevent unauthorized parking, haphazard parking, and unreserved parking
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Healthcare
  • POS integration to capture transaction scenarios and dispute handling if need arises
  • Playback with single-click control options and intelligent video analytic features for efficient investigation
  • The system provides evidence lock, bookmark search, and clip export functions to capture and store crucial proofs easily
  • Secure handling and storage of evidence in live view and playback, enabling robust post-event analysis
Matrix Video Surveillance Solutions for Healthcare
  • Matrix PTZ IR cameras provide 360° surveillance, patrolling, and excellent zoom capabilities to detect distant dangers
  • Matrix IP cameras are weather-proof, offering high-quality images in -30℃ to 60℃ temperatures and enduring moisture from 5 to 95%RH
  • Intelligent video analytics detect unauthorized entry, identify suspicious activities, protect assets, and provide real-time alerts and notifications 
  • Tripwire, intrusion, and motion detection secure sensitive areas, while audio exception detection identifies abnormal sounds for enhanced security


Matrix Access Control and Time Attendance for Healthcare
Matrix Access Control and Time Attendance for Healthcare
  • Ensure only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas, such as medical storage rooms or sensitive patient information
  • Maintain confidentiality by limiting access to medical records and other sensitive data to authorized individuals only
Matrix Access Control and Time Attendance for Healthcare
  • Automate the process of capturing and tracking employee attendance, eliminating manual errors and saving administrative time
  • Easily manage complex shift structures and optimize staff allocation, ensuring seamless 24×7 coverage
Matrix Access Control and Time Attendance for Healthcare
  • Streamline payroll processing, ensuring accurate calculation of working hours, overtime, and additional payments, leading to timely salary disbursement
  • Automate attendance tracking, leave management, and shift scheduling, for healthcare administrators to focus on more strategic tasks
  • Provide employees with self-service portal to view their attendance records, apply for leave, and access other relevant information, improving transparency and engagement
Matrix Access Control and Time Attendance for Healthcare
  • Minimize surface contact and reduce the risk of infection transmission by utilizing touchless biometric or mobile-based attendance
  • Integrate temperature screening and mask detection features to ensure that individuals with abnormal temperatures or without masks are not granted access
  • Enable quick identification of employees present in specific areas through real-time data on staff presence during health emergencies, facilitating efficient contact tracing and response protocol


Matrix Telecom Solutions for Healthcare
Matrix Telecom Solutions for Healthcare
  • UC clients provide a safe and simplified help-desk operation, enabling efficient and secure customer support and issue resolution
  • Call management with single-click calls streamlines the process of making and handling calls, improving efficiency and productivity
  • Front desk management facilitates efficient operation at the reception area, including check-in/check-out, guest services, and reservation management
  • Outlook integration enables direct calling through emails, allowing users to initiate calls directly from their email client for seamless communication
  • Patient room status and medical database availability ensure real-time updates on patient information and efficient healthcare management
Matrix Telecom Solutions for Healthcare
  • BYOD extensions for doctors enable emergency call-ins, allowing them to use their personal devices for prompt communication and patient care
  • Authenticated medical assistance mobility ensures healthcare professionals can provide support and care securely from any location
  • Pre-recorded automated voice phone guidance offers assistance and guidance for similar cases, improving efficiency and consistency in healthcare communication
  • Health emergency calls can be attended by simply picking up the receiver or pressing a single button, ensuring swift response and immediate assistance
  • A single desk handles all emergencies, calls, voicemails, and hospital processes, centralizing operations for efficient management and coordination
Matrix Telecom Solutions for Healthcare
  • A single desk handles all emergencies, calls, voicemails, and hospital processes, centralizing operations for efficient management and coordination
  • Single click emergency calling and centralized call management streamline emergency response procedures, ensuring prompt and efficient communication
  • Video calls, quick messages, and call conferencing facilitate critical case discussions, enabling effective communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals
  • Delivering swift personalized patient attention, with anytime, anywhere quick diagnosis
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